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> Yes, I can skip (i.e. go to the next/previous track) as well as go to
> particular points in individual tracks using a Squeezebox Touch, the web
> UI (with Material Skin) or iPeng.
> Then again, I'm running LMS on Debian and using the Squeezelite version
> in the repositories, while you're on Windows, so perhaps that explains
> the different outcomes?
> If your approach (decode flac and mp3 to wav, pipe wav to sox, apply
> effects, then re-encode and output flac) works for you, I'd leave well
> alone (except that, for simplicity's sake, you may want to delete "-C 0"
> from the output specifications, as SoX's default FLAC compression of 5
> will do just as well).
> Anyway thank you so much for documenting this; I've learned something
> new.I'll try your approach. The machine running the server is quite powerful
so I'm not always careful in how I handle things. Or, rather, I'm not at
the start, while I'm trying to hammer out a working a solution. But I'm
all for trying to optimize later, so I'll give it a try.

Glad this discussion was interesting for you. There's so much one can do
with Squeeze that... one can always learn. :-)

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