On 02/22/2018 10:09 PM, Vineet Awasthi wrote:

> Can anyone please help me to get the knowledge about squid request
> parsing and handling. I mean in which files (.c) ACL settings are parsed
> and handled when request http recieved in squid.

It may be impossible to briefly answer such a general question, but if
you want to learn about Squid ACL processing in general, consider
starting with a specific ACL-driven directive use, followed by the base
ACL class, a simple specific ACL implementation, and ACL registration code:

* $ git grep -3 Config.accessList.spoof_client_ip
* src/acl/Acl.{h,cc}
* src/acl/LocalPort.{h,cc}
* src/AclRegs.cc

If you have a specific problem that you need to solve, please consider
detailing your question in that direction. I also recommend researching
your own question first and posting the results of that research along
with the description of the biggest problem you could not solve.

Finally, please start a new email thread for each new question.


P.S. Modern Squids do not use .c files for ACLs because most of the
modern code is written in C++.

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