Amos Jeffries wrote:
Alex Rousskov wrote:
On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 00:25 +1300, Amos Jeffries wrote:

I'm looking forward a few weeks to 3.0.STABLE3 by march 31st


Possibly even a 3.1.DEVEL0 at the same time.

This should probably be discussed on squid-dev, but there are currently
several projects on the TODO list that may not be committed until March
31st. There is even a project with unknown ETA, which is a violation of
the TODO list definition!

Also, what about the /Features/SourceLayout cleanup project? Should that
wait for 3.2?

Finally, if we have the resources to include a few missing Squid2
features into Squid3, should v3.1 wait for that?

Our initial agreed time-plan called for an initial release around 31 March. I was thinking PRE at that time, but as Henrik suggested there is DEVEL for feature-incomplete releases to keep things relatively to plan.

Hopefully we can ge the PRE1 out sooner, but any release of the for wider testing on time is better than long delays.

For the unknown, thats fixed. I'm sponsoring it. But have not heard back from Adrian whether he wants to take the money and do it to be added to -3.


Oops, meat to do the squid-dev move on that.

As for the cleanup...

.h cleanup:
 - going in next time I have a spare minute to check for tweaks.

The file re-arranging polish:
- I'm kind of in favour of it as a pure file-movements-only alteration. 3.2 has no feature-requests yet and back-porting across a file-re-arranged setup is likely to be more trouble than its worth. - If you think you can get it done in a reasonable timespan to get done by the RC releases great. I don't think the PRE need to wait for it, its polish after all not a true feature.
 - It is your baby though.

If you have the resources to move a few 2.6 features to 3.1 they should be timelined by 31 March or officially shifted to 3.2 pending later re-evaluation. Yes?
 - I've added the LogDaemon as one such, I can do at a pinch.

Please use Squid 2.6STABLE17+ or 3.0STABLE1+
There are serious security advisories out on all earlier releases.

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