In reply to comment #8 for bug #2309 
comm_read assertion failed: "ccb->active == false"

> Note to the one looking into this bug: The assert happens if a 
> comm_read() is called while there already is a comm_read() pending.


> I would suspect the half closed client check has been wrongly 
> adopted to call comm_read where it used commSetSelect periodically
> before..

The above may be true, but there are other conditions causing the same
assertion in my tests, with and without the pending comm_close patch
from Christos.

In short, we have several related problems here: (a) client_side code is
incapable of reliably identifying whether comm_close has been called;
(b) ConnStateData::isOpen may not work anymore; (c) client_side code
uses many different ways to identify whether more data should be read
from the connection; (d) comm_close is used a lot but no longer has an
immediate effect and some client_side code may still depend on that
effect to be immediate; (e) client_side comm handlers decent very deep,
making it difficult to propagate errors and comm_close status up.

We should decide whether to continue patching holes here and there or
clean up the client_side*cc connection management mess for good. Should
we continue to patch isolated v3.0 problems and cleanup v3.1? Or is this
a v3.2 project? Or am I exaggerating the problems since common cases
usually work fine?

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