Is it possible to get a metric similar to "LRU reference age" (or "LRU
expiration") when using heap LRU/LFUDA and aufs/rock?

What we need to do is to figure out the age of the oldest least accessed
object in the cache. Or the age of the last replaced object.

If my description is somehow unclear – we need to answer the question "How
many days ago the oldest object which is not being accessed anymore has
been put in the cache."

With aufs/lru we had "LRU reference age" or something like this in mgr:info
report, but with currently used heap lru/lfuda and rock/aufs I don't see it
there. SNMP metric also shows:

> SQUID-MIB::cacheCurrentLRUExpiration.0 = Timeticks: (0) 0:00:00.00

If you're wondering why would we need to know that – it's related to GDPR
and removing data of closed customer's accounts. We need to make sure that
we don't have any "not being accessed anymore" objects older than "data
retention period" days.


With best regards, Ivan Larionov.
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