Greetings all,

Next version of Web Safety ICAP web filter for Squid proxy (version 
built on January 15, 2018) is now available for download. This version contains 
the following fixes and improvements:

-         Added URL rewriter for Google Safe Browsing (Update API v4). It is 
now possible to check each URL for malware and malicious links. You would need 
to register on Google Cloud Platform and obtain your own API key. More 
information is at

-         Redesigned exclusions in UI. There is only one list of exclusions 
now. It is possible to further specify what exclusions are needed for each list 
entry. Supported exclusions are "Skip HTTPS decryption (SSL Bump)", "Bypass 
proxy authentication", "Bypass web filter and antivirus scan", "Do not cache 
HTML pages" and "Bypass Google Safe Browsing".

Pre-configured virtual appliance is available from (should be run in VMWare 
ESXi/vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V). GitHub repo with automation scripts we used 
to build this virtual appliance from stock Ubuntu 16 LTS image is at

Direct links to virtual appliance:




Free time-limited license key can be downloaded from

Your questions/issues/bugs are welcome at Next version 
will include dynamic real-time page categorization using machine learning 
algorithms. You can join our community to get early access to next development 
builds at .

Thanks to all of you for making this possible!

Rafael Akchurin
Diladele B.V.
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