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> Hello squidUsers,
> I have a bit of a problem. Im currently on a network where there is a vpn
> already configured and running.

What is the VPN connecting?  I mean, what is defined as the "local" network and 
what is defined as the "remote" network, for which traffic will pass through 

> The proxy is working perfectly but for 1 issue. Te issue is as follows:
>   VPN works perfectly, proxy sends ping, ssh, vnc, samba, cups protocols
> by the tunnel

This sounds like you are trying to send almost everything over the VPN.

Why?  What is the purpose of this VPN?

> but when trying to access local http adresses,

Please define "local", in terms of which IP addresses you think are local, and 
how this compares to the VPN configuration.

> the proxy reads them as public

So, are these addresses RFC1918 "private" addresses, or are they simply public 
IPs which happen to exist in your local network?

> http and send those protocols via wan... Making it an error.
> I have located the error (local http/https is read as public http and is
> send by wan) how can I configure it so that the local http goes by the vpn
> (tun1).

Give us some examples of addresses which are being incorrectly routed, and 
tell us how your VPN is set up, and we can give you some advice as to whether 
this is a Squid problem or a VPN / network routing problem.



PS: No need to send the same question twice within 2 minutes :)

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