Benedict simon wrote:
Dear All,

I have used Squid before but im little confused on as how to implement
squid on the following setup

current setup as follows

DSL router with a public Ip for the WAN ( connection to the ISP)
lan ip address on dsl router is
local network

right now the clients have the gateway as and they are able
to access internet fine

I want to implement linux squid proxy server so that i have better
controls that is ( time based restrictions , ip based restrictions and
block certain web sites ) through squid ACLS

I think i have to implement squid as a transparent proxy server with  2
lan cards on the squid server

apprecite if someone could advise me as how to go about the setup or some
links which do explain about the setup i like to implement

thanks and regards


All the easy ways:

Alternatively plug the users switch into one NIC and the DSL box into the second NIC. Setup the squid box as a full router gateway between the two sides, it can then do whatever NAT interception you need for the "transparent" interception, or simply firewall access or software/people which do not use the proxy gateway.

Please be using
  Current Stable Squid 2.7.STABLE7 or 3.0.STABLE19
  Current Beta Squid

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