Hi all,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your time and effort for providing such a great tool.

I am a new user on archlinux, using Squid locally. I have a few questions, regarding the setup most of all.

- Is it possible to change the information logged into access.log? I would like it like that

=> date +%#F_%T address_visited (I would like to replace the timestamps with a human readable time/date and just the website visited)

=> Is it possible to limit the size of the logs from within the squid.conf file?

And the last question, I have that "error" coming up from the cache.log

IpIntercept.cc(137) NetfilterInterception: NF getsockopt(SO_ORIGINAL_DST) failed on FD 29: (92) Protocol not available

And the browsing become really slow, even page aren't opening anymore? Any advice?

Again, many thanks for your time and effort

Looking forward for your replies,

Kind regards,

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