Hi All,

I have squid_kerb_auth working and authenticating via my key tab file.
However, when trying to lock it down to users that are in a group in AD,
I¹m seeing a weird issue.
I put my sanitized output here: http://pastebin.com/wGc3RC0h
But basically if I use this "./squid_kerb_ldap -d -g proxy_allow -D
MYDOMAIN² it is able to auth to AD and eventually attempts to use a bind
path of dc=MYDOMAIN instead of dc=MYDOMAIN,dc=DOMAIN,dc=COM, and then it
gives a referral error.

So seeing that, I tried to use my full domain as the default domain, like
this "./squid_kerb_ldap -d -g proxy_allow -D MYDOMAIN.MYDOMAIN.COM² it
gives a Preauthentication failed error and doesn¹t even make it in to AD,
full output here: http://pastebin.com/Gk1ci0nt

That makes me think it¹s an issue with the key tab file, but it works
appropriately with kerb auth just not kerb ldap. Any ideas?
I am going to try and make a key tab file with ktpass instead of msktutil
and see if that has any affect.

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