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From: Manuel Ramirez Montero <manuel.rami...@grupoica.com>
Date: 2014-08-29 13:40 GMT+02:00
Subject: access.log destinatin server ip
To: squid-users@squid-cache.org


first of all i would like to excuse my limited English.I´m newby with
Squid and i need to see in the access.log  the destination server ip.
My squid version is 2.7.
I have this logformat directive:

logformat ipdestino %>a %ui %un [%tl] %<A "%rm %ru  HTTP/%rv" %Hs %<st  %Ss:%Sh
cache_access_log /logs_squid/access.log ipdestino.

With this logformat i see the destination ip but sometimes, in some
log lines , this value is not showed: - user[29/Aug/2014:13:23:33 +0200] - "GET
 HTTP/1.1" 304 324  TCP_IMS_HIT:NONE - user [29/Aug/2014:13:23:33 +0200] "GET
 HTTP/1.1" 304 261  TCP_MISS:DIRECT

What is the reason in the first line the destination ip is not
displayed and in the next line yes?

Thanks in advance


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