Inspired by I have tried to write a StoreID http interface and to try to help cache\de-duplicate couple websites.

The helpers I have written can be found at:

The interface supports keep-alive http connections if you want to use it in your helper.

The helpers use concurrency and only with concurrency.
Example settings for storeid in squid:
store_id_program /opt/storeid/ng-storeid.rb
store_id_children 25 startup=10 idle=5 concurrency=50
acl storeiddoms dstdomain
store_id_access allow storeiddoms !CONNECT
store_id_access deny all
refresh_pattern -i ^http:\/\/[a-zA-Z0-9\-\_\.]+\.squid\.internal\/.* 3600 95% 86400 reload-into-ims ignore-reload ignore-no-store ignore-private

About the service:
- The service do not guaranteed to provide what you want or need.
- The service is in testing\debugging state for now and until future notice.
- The service is gathering information for analysis and statistics.
- The service is open for anyone to use with some certain basic constrains of the hardware and spare bandwidth of the service provider. - Keep in mind that for now there is DOS monitoring on the service and you can get white-listed via email request. - The service is not 100% bullet proof and will might get down for maintenance at the first stages of operation.(updated helper with failure detection and crash prevention will be provided later). - The service do not and will not ever help to de-duplicate\cache or analyze in-appropriate content in any form or format.

In the case you want me to analyze a specific website for StoreID compatibility feel free to contact me via my email and I will provide you with the changes needed for the purpose of analyzing it(not promising it is possible for any website).

Any Comments are more then just welcomed,
Eliezer Croitoru

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