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Ask a Scientist

Monday April 26th

7-9 pm


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Description: Ask a Scientist is a new and different kind of lecture
series for adults. If you love watching Nova specials and reading
Scientific American at the doctor's office, then this event is for you.
Learn about the most fascinating topics in modern science, ask
questions, eat, drink and socialize!

This month: Douglas J. Long knows his killer animals. He's
worked with the best of them, from sharks to scorpions to snakes
and wild mammals on six continents. With the media's obsession
on attacks and killings, what's the truth amidst the hype, panic and
paranoia? And how can we best co-exist with the animals that also
call California their home? If you were just going to sit on the
couch tonight watching Animal Planet, come meet Douglas
instead. (He may even bring some "special friends.")

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Bazaar Cafe
5927 California St. (21st Ave)
San Francisco
(415) 831-5620

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