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Independent Exposure - April Showers 2004 Edition

Monday, April 26th & Friday, April 30th



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Independent Exposure – the April Showers 2004 Edition
Monday, April 26th, 8pm, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, $5.00, 21+
Friday, April 30th, 8pm, 21 Grand, Oakland, $5-$10 sliding scale.

The eleven works presented in this month’s edition of Independent
Exposure celebrate the Rites of Spring, through animation,
documentary, experimentation, music, and narrative short films and

Some of the works featured in the April Showers 2004 Edition are:
“Esther Levine’s Chicken Washing Technique” demonstrates the cleaning
of the bird prior to cooking.  “A-Z” tells us about the typewriter’s
thoughts.  The animated “March of Chicken Man” tells the story of how
people lose sight of the realities of the modern world and follow the
stream of majority for survival. “Peeling” beautifully fuses animation
with live-action, to peel away the layers of a complicated mother-
daughter relationship revealing conflicting wants and desires;
and “Pavlov’s Bell” is a turbulent little music video about faith,
paranoia and fear of air travel with music by Aimee Mann.

Full program details: http://www.microcinema.com/programResult.php?

Don't forget to check out the Blackchair DVD Collection:

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111 Minna Gallery (Monday)/21 Grand - Oakland (Friday)
111 minna street/449B 23rd St., Oakland
San Francisco/Oakland

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