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BRINK presents Bruce Tovsky and Matt Davignon

Wednesday, December 28



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BRINK: Other-Minded Music, a monthly concert series by Other Minds,  
presents performances by New York visual/sound artist  Bruce Tovsky,  
and Oakland-based experimental musician Matt Davignon.

Tovsky will perform his most recent video/sound piece ETHER, which  
premiered at 106BLDG30 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in June 2005, and  
has been playing in international festivals from São Paulo to Seoul.  
The sound from ETHER was also featured recently in the BBC4 radio  
documentary "Tracking the Lincolnshire Poacher," a provocative and  
disturbing look at shortwave numbers stations. With evocative sound  
and visual elements, ETHER aims to create an immersive environment of  
data decay. Images crackle and distort, merging in and out of video  
noise. The hiss and hum of sound thousands of miles away fills the  
room; snatches of music and voices decompose into static. In a  
darkened room, the video diptych is projected on a flat white wall as  
the only illumination.

In addition, Tovsky and Davignon will perform two improvisational  
pieces together, one initiated by each artist. Both will draw on  
recently accumulated materials, and neither artist will know before  
the performance what the other has at hand. Tovsky will also  
incorporate recent video work that he has assembled for this event.

Bruce Tovsky <http://www.skeletonhome.com> earned his MFA degree in  
Multimedia (Film, Video, Sound, Performance and Installation Art)  
from Rutgers University in 1979. He began showing video across the  
USA, Europe, and Japan in the early 1980's, and his work is in the  
collections of The Kitchen and The New York Library Donnell Library  
Center. He embarked on a diverse career as an audio engineer/producer  
(Liquid Liquid, Lydia Lunch, Karen Finley, Foetus) and video editor/ 
designer of commercials and music videos. For the past several years  
he has been creating live video and sound improvisations, often in  
collaboration with sound artist John Hudak, in a variety of spaces  
around New York City, including Diapason, Experimental Intermedia,  
Issue Project Room, and his own installation space 106BLDG30 in the  
Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Since 1993, Matt Davignon <www.ribosomemusic.com> has developed a  
unique style of music which focuses on textures, arrhythmic patterns  
and musical imperfections. Combining acoustic and electronic  
elements, he attempts to create dynamic, biological music from  
seemingly limited source material. Since 2004--after spending time  
focusing individually on bass guitar, live sound collage, consumer- 
grade electronics, prepared acoustic guitar, real-time sampling/ 
looping, experimental turntablism, and field recording--he has been  
working almost exclusively with a drum machine. Rather than using it  
as a rhythm device, he plays the pads manually while processing the  
sounds through an array of effects devices and samplers, improvising  
music composed of organic-sounding textures, hums, gurgles and  
crackles. Davignon is also active in organizing experimental and  
unusual music performances in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition  
to being responsible for such events as The San Francisco Found  
Objects Festival and Sound/Shift Oakland, and helping to launch the  
Field Effects series, he is one of the curators for the Luggage Store  
Gallery New Music Series.

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Hemlock Tavern
1131 Polk Street
San Francisco


Between Post and Sutter, one block east of Van Ness Avenue.

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