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SF Mime Troupe presents 'Godfellas'

starting saturday july 1st

1:30 band, 2:00 show


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This year the SF Mime Troupe, (no, not that kind of mime), presents  
its musical comedy , political/religious satire "Godfellas"in various  
bay area parks thru labor day. Having created original satires on  
capitalism, imperialism,fascism,militarism and ism isms the past 47  
years, the troupe turns its stage on religonism.The rise of religious  
fundamentalism around the world threatens the advances of  
culture,science and social experimentation. In the USA the religious  
right has  all but moved into the white house. How far will they go  
to move into your house?  Perfect stuff for comedy,songs and  
heresies. Directed by long time trouper Ed Holmes, also leader of the  
First Church of the Last Laugh and the annual St Stupid's day  
parade,this show promises to make fun of your personal faith. So  
bring your holy books to the recycle bin at the show.  Check the  
troupe site for locations of shows in a park near you. Free

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Precita park and other Bay Area locations
Folsom one blk south of Ceasar Chavez

one blk south of CC on Folsom

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414 285 1717

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