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S.P.A.Z. Sound System's Mutate Or Die Tour

Thurs. July 13th



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The S.P.A.Z. Soundsystem rolls into town with  the Mutate Or Die Tour  
freaking out with the likes of  The Mole (NOLA) feat. Tang li Weebs 
(Oak), MC Subzero Permafrost (NYC), Shellshock! (NOLA), the486kid  
(PDX), Spukkin Faceship(SF) The event is free, and 21+ with ID. There  
is a smoking patio and is 420 friendly.

This summer, during the month of July the S.P.A.Z. soundsystem, 3  
recyled vegetable powered buses, and a killer all-star krew will be  
travelling through Oregon, Northern California, and Washington. The  
tour is currently scheduled to end at a free festival of an undecided  
location called the Autonomous Mutant Festival which will be  
happening August 8-16. This year marks the 10th aniversary of the  
AMF!  http://www.mutantfest.org

S.P.A.Z. (http://spaz.org) itself has a large, loosely affiliated  
membership spanning a decade. Many artists have contributed to the  
collective in way or another over the years, including Liquid  
Acrobat, Terbo Ted, Jack Acid, Aneurysm, Madame Chao and more.

THE MOLE (hip hop/psych-hop)
Nomadic composer/vocalist and Motion Recordings founder, The Mole,  
makes what he calls "whirled fusion" music or "psychedelic hip hop."  
Notorious not only for his daring musical recordings (such as his  
critically acclaimed interactive "choose your own adventure" album),  
he is a sight to behold in a live setting. When The Mole performs he  
is a colorful blur of absurd costumes, ridiculous dance moves and  
energy-pumped vocal delivery!

The Mole has released over 20 albums, on labels including Motion  
Recordings (USA), Anti-Party Music (Finland), Ramadan/Zhark  
(Germany), and Hectic Recs (Netherlands). He has opened for such  
notable artists as DJ Krush, Ramm-Ell-Zee, Living Legends, Venetian  
Snares, Drop The Lime, Food For Animals, The Chicharones, and more.
BONUS! Tang Li Wheebs (of Snail On A Stick Records) will be providing  
super-cool vocal effects and samples for The Mole's performances!

MC SUBZERO PERMAFROST (hip hop/alternative)
She looks so cute and innocent, but... SHE'S NOT! With her nasty wit,  
this little rapping/singing girl has no problem immediately getting  
the crowd into the palm of her hand. From ultra-speedy, tongue- 
twisting sex raps to soulful Portugese crooning, this New Orleans  
disaster survivor has something for everyone.
Aside from her job as the Infernal Noise Brigade front-woman, in 2006  
MC Subzero appeared on Filastine's hugely succesful album, Burn It,  
released by Soot Records, and she has performed live countless times.  
For the Mutate Or Die tour, Subzero's live performance will feature  
banging musical accompaniment by The Mole!

Spukkin Faceship (electro/alternative) Spukkin Faceship is one of  
those "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" electronic  
acts. There are no publicity photos. Part of a global community  
sometimes referred to as the "Teknival" scene, this act, closely  
affiliated with the S.P.A.Z. collective, has been playing live at  
underground free parties worldwide in various configurations for over  
a decade. Strong idealism percolates under the free-flowing  
improvised electro beats; if you're hanging out with Spukkin Faceship  
you're in for a serious discussion about geo-politics, bio-diesel,  
vegan food, sound system repair, electronic music making, or the  
nature of party throwing.

the 486 kid! (electrofolk / 8-bit peoples)
486 is music made with trashed, unwanted, obsolete computers,  
consumer home electronics, and electronic childrens toys. All sounds  
are either pure sound waves generated from hardware sound chips or  
sampled through mid-90's sound blaster sound cards @ 8-bit 22.5khz  
and arranged in a tracker on a DOS, ATARI, AMIGA or GAMEBOY platform.  
Often coined as "Chip-Tune" or "VGM" this music aims to break out of  
those "cheese" styles and capture listner
Spukkin Faceship (electro/alternative) Spukkin Faceship is one of  
those "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" electronic  
acts. There are no publicity photos. Part of a global community  
sometimes referred to as the "Teknival" scene, this act, closely  
affiliated with the S.P.A.Z. cs on a deeper level of getting down.  
syncopated, modulated, lo-fi nasty dance!
BONUS! guest tag-team with Waxin' Wary (vVv / lung bias) and  
interpretive dance from bit-bounce!

ShellShock! (experimental MC/electronica) ShellShock!s music brings  
you sounds of eclectic beats, arpeggiated synths left to walk on  
their planets unescorted, while her vocals clue you in to the process  
of right brain production during left brain expression. She will rap  
for you as a sassy, trashy, classy MC and slither through your psyche  
like a bejeweled snake, leaving scales of gold and glitter inside you  
as she creates more. If the energy is right, she will freestyle for  
you and unite everyone in the experience. ShellShock! is an electro- 
hip-hop-cyber-flapper who creates flat-foot brazilian beats that jump  
on a wet treadmill that crashes into your space helipad and blasts  
off. And then she will make sweet love to you.

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Underground SF (formally the Top)
424 Haight Street
San Francisco


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415. HUM. NUMB

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