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Writer/Director Larry Clark--in person for opening of WASSUP ROCKERS

Friday July 7th and Saturday July 8th

7:00 & 9:25 SHOWS

$9.75 for general admission and $7.75 seniors and children

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Official film site: http://www.wassuprockers.net/

Writer/director Larry Clark will appear at Lumiere Theatre showings  
of his new film WASSUP ROCKERS on Friday and Saturday, July 7 & 8,  
7:00pm and 9:25pm shows. Accompanying him will be a number of the  
cast members -- young skateboarders who were discovered and cast in  
the film. Ten years after his groundbreaking film KIDS, Clark hits  
the streets of South Central Los Angeles with this film based on the  
real-life experiences of a group of Latino teen-agers who do not  
conform to the hip hop culture of their gang-infested neighborhood.  
They wear their clothes tight, listen to and play punk rock and ride  
skateboards. Constantly harassed for being different, they fight to  
be themselves. Comments from Larry Clark and the cast should make  
these shows particularly memorable.


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Landmark's Lumiere Theater
1572 California Street
San Francisco
(415) 352-0821

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