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  "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean"  A new, original play by Gary  

Thursdays through Sundays, Aug 3-27, 2006

Thursdays-Saturdays at 8 PM; Sundays at 7 PM

General Admission; Thurs: pay-what-you-can; Fri & Sat: $20; Sun: $15

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See That My Grave is Kept Clean by Gary Aylesworth is a timely and  
relevant work that brings to life two historical figures that shaped  
the modern world.  Edward Bernays and Harry Smith exerted tremendous  
influence in the economic and cultural spheres in the 20th century.   
See That My Grave is Kept Clean examines the biographies of two men  
who lived diametrically opposed lives. The juxtaposition of these two  
forces in culture, politics, and economics gives a view into the  
hidden battle for the soul of America.

Edward L. Bernays, the 'Father of Spin' and nephew of Sigmund Freud,  
pioneered the field of modern Public Relations in the United States.   
Bernays worked for American Tobacco, Edison's 50th Anniversary of the  
light bulb, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, the Ballet Russe, and  
the United Fruit Company.  His books on propaganda were found in the  
library of Joseph Goebbels. His influence spanned more than 65 years  
of work.

Harry Smith was an ethnographer, musicologist, painter, and filmmaker  
responsible for the highly influential Anthology of American Folk  
Music.  Released in 1952, the Anthology effected the folk revival and  
cultural shift of the 1950s and 60s.  Smith consciously attempted to  
influence the cultural direction of America by revealing a hidden  
aspect of its social history.

Between these two giants of cultural influence is a fictional  
character that represents the Everyperson.  With a good dose of humor  
and pith, he struggles for balance between the social and spiritual  
spheres shaped by Bernays and Smith.

The Everyperson is a disc jockey who spins songs from the heartland  
to reveal something deep and true about our country and its history.   
Interspersed throughout the play are the songs of Charlie Poole and  
the North Carolina Ramblers, Blind Lemon Jefferson, The Heavenly  
Gospel Singers, The Carter Family, and others from the Anthology of  
American Folk Music.  Fifteen songs from the Anthology have been  
rearranged to underscore the dramatic intent of the play, and will be  
performed live by Gary Aylesworth and Peter Newton.

With more than twenty years theatrical experience, Gary Aylesworth is  
a prolific, award-winning playwright and performer whose notable past  
works include The Orphan King (1990), I Was a Go-Go Dancer for  
Gurdjieff (1988), and The Doom Folk (1987).  Each play engaged  
weighty subjects with a deft touch that left audiences wanting more!  
Aylesworth's personal vision of 'total theatre' earned him numerous  
Dramalogue Awards for writing and performance, as well as San  
Francisco Magazine's 1988 BEST Local Theater Talent/Production Award,  
and other critical distinctions.

The SF Weekly commended Aylesworth as "one of our most original local  
playwrightshellip[for his] consistent vision of total theatre - a  
demanding juggle of musical, mimetic, and dramatic elements all  
wrapped in high-speed neurotic comedy."

Robert Hurwitt of the SF Examiner (1988) declared that Aylesworth's  
"satire is fast, wide-ranging and pointed."

See That My Grave is Kept Clean marks Aylesworth's return to the  
theater after working as a Waldorf class teacher for the last ten  
years.  This play grew out of his experience with Anthroposophy and  
Rudolf Steiner's famous sculpture The Representative of Man.  In the  
sculpture, the universal human is poised between the forces of  
expansion and contraction, Lucifer and Ahriman, two forces that  
underlie the human being and evolutionary history.  Aylesworth  
juxtaposed the biographies of Edward L. Bernays and Harry Smith to  
reflect the sculpture's forces and to shed light on the economic,  
cultural, and political powers that shape our lives today.

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Traveling Jewish Theatre
470 Florida St. (between 17th and Mariposa)
San Francisco


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(415) 831-1943

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