The Squid List recently went through a major re-design, including a new online calendar.

Here's more info on what has changed.

We now have three new email list subscription options, all of which have improved functionality over this current list option.

Upcoming Events on the Squid List:

  • Improv Slam Music Jam - 08/17/2006

  • Independent Film Test Screening - 08/17/2006

  • The Minks -- All-Girl Kinks Cover Band - 08/18/2006

  • Todd Bura: Might Pretty Rain Crow - 08/18/2006

  • 'Peach Vejvi' - 08/24/2006

  • Beth Cook: It's Not You, It's Me - 08/24/2006

  • Breakdancing Featuring DEF ED and Baysic Project - 08/24/2006

  • Senator Feinstein on Global Warming at the Commonwealth Club - 08/24/2006

  • SF Fashion Week Diva Party - 08/24/2006

  • SF Open Studios 101: Setting and Realizing Goals for your Open Studio - 08/24/2006

  • Sharing Mt Tam/Lost People of Mountain Village - 08/24/2006

    Upcoming Multiple Date Events (Click to View All Dates):

  • Thunderbird Theatre Presents: Release the Kraken!

  • Artaud Gallery Theater Presents True West by Sam Shepard

  • From Ballads to Blues: The Songs of Harold Arlen

  • love, sex, death and art

  • Kiss of the Spider Woman

  • Stanford Summer Theater presents Don Juan

  • Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical!

    Visit: to browse all 236 upcoming events.

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