The Squid List recently went through a major re-design, including a new online calendar.

Here's more info on what has changed.

We now have three new email list subscription options, all of which have improved functionality over this current list option.

Upcoming Events on the Squid List:

  • Srinivas Reddy- Classical Indian Sitar Recital w/ tabla accompaniment by Sameer Gupta - 09/02/2006

  • The San Francisco Improv Alliance Presents Revolving Madness - 09/02/2006

  • The Vanguard - 09/02/2006

  • Third Annual National Juried Exhibition at Art League Gallery of Northern California - 09/02/2006

    Upcoming Multiple Date Events (Click to View All Dates):

  • From Ballads to Blues: The Songs of Harold Arlen

  • Kiss of the Spider Woman

  • Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical!

    Visit: to browse all 181 upcoming events.

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