Brian Candler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> There has been a long-standing problem when new mail arrives on a Netapp
> fileserver, which I've finally got round to investigating. The problem is
> that when you make a connection (e.g. POP3), only 40 or so new mails are
> visible. On the next POP3 connection, the next 40 or so mails become
> visible. 
> It seems the problem is to do with the loops for reading new mail:
>   opendir("new") -> readdir() -> rename() [in loop]
> After renaming 40 or so files, the readdir() terminates, probably because
> the state of the directory is being changed while it is being read. Arguably
> this is a Netapp bug,

This doesn't occur if you mount some UNIX box via NFS?  What version
of DataOntap are you running? I'm just trying to understand if it's an
issue with NFS (first I've heard) or a problem with NetApp's
implementation of NFS (first complaint I've heard).


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