On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 09:49:17AM -0700, Doug Clements wrote:
> > Well, I thought it was a Netapp problem, but now it looks like NFS and/or
> > FreeBSD. The attached program replicates it:
> > 
> > bash-2.05a# ./testnfs /na0/testdir
> > Transferred 169 out of 200 files
> > 
> > That was with a FreeBSD-4.8p3 frontend with the Netapp backend. However
> > re-running it with FreeBSD-4.7 talking to a Solaris-2.8 NFS backend gives
> > exactly the same result :-(
> I also get 169/200 on FreeBSD-4.8 with a FreeBSD-4.8 NFS server.

I've just been able to test another platform: Solaris-2.8 client with a
NetApp server. In this case I get 200/200 transferred. In fact I get
2000/2000 if I make the test that big as well.

So this is starting to look like a FreeBSD issue; would be interesting to
see if someone could try it with Linux client and/or NFS server.



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