IMO, this one can be merged.

I haven't had the time for an in depth analyzis, spotted a small type in the 
readme, ndb_redis can be used to send any command to redis.

Then, as you expressed in some comments, having schema definition in a file may 
make possible to generate it from the xml db schema definitions from 
src/lib/srdb1/schema, in a simialar matter done for `db_text` or `db_mongodb`. 
If the parameter is kept, might be good to use function callbacks for it in 
order to allow setting it many times without overwriting previous value, 
otherwise its value can become too big for a single modparm (e.g., like done 
for htable parameter for htable module). Anyhow, these are enhancements that 
can be done over the time, as I said, merging at this phase is ok from my point 
of view, it will make it easier for others to test and improve its stability.

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