Well, for that moment it doesn't work.

My configuration is as follows:

#!define DBURL_CNXCC "redis://here_my_passw...@redis.domain.com:6379/1"
loadmodule "db_redis.so"
modparam("db_redis", "schema_path", "/usr/share/kamailio/db_redis/kamailio")

modparam("cnxcc", "redis", DBURL_CNXCC)

I think this is wrong way to do that.
cnxcc module uses redis db as htable and stores real-time values (like credit, 
call duration etc.) that exist only when call is up for certain customer, then 
it drops whole key.

Should I use: 'modparam("db_redis", "keys"...'  ?
Or db_redis is to be improved to work with cnxcc? (cuz it uses not "db_url" 
modparam but "redis" modparam).

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