SIP allows many devices to be connected for same user, each with its own 
presence state. All have to be stored and presented to the watched by the 
presence server. To update an existing state, a device has to reuse the same 
ETag. So if the PUBLISH requests don't have the same ETag, then both have to be 

Note also that presence states are refreshed periodically (like registration), 
so its rather hard to say with one is more relevant at a moment, anyhow, you 
have the option to retrieve by time or by priority that you can set via xavp, 
see more at:


In summary, it is not a bug. If you want to discuss more, start a conversation 
on mailing list, we keep this tracker only for 
bugs or feature requests. If the devices are sharing the same ETag, then reopen 
this issue and attach (make available for download) the pcap with the SIP 
traffic. If you need a new feature, open a new item on this tracker with the 
description of what you want.

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