you are talking about  "view", that can be easy changed in UI and API. but I 
try to make a pointer on back compatibility with already existing setups. In 
this case more effective way is to add a cseq_method field and add mod param 
for this feature.

also 5 cents for the cseq's method. What sense write it into DB as a separate 
field ? Do search ONLY on this field ? Unlikely.... because normally you always 
do search on a "reply code" + cseq method (i.e. method="200" AND cseq like "% 
INVITE") and the "reply code" (method) is already  indexed and wildcard will be 
effective just like a filter. Sorry, but just want to see real arguments.

If the case only for "nice view": it's just a small trigger for the result 
grid. Not need to change a lot components for this.

Thank you!

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