buildroot does not use deb or rpm specs from kamailio tree.
To integrate a package to buildroot, I have to define a .mk that explain how to 
download the source from github and selects the appropriate modules depending 
on what packages were selected by the user.
For example, if the package libmemcached is selected then this package must be 
built before kamailio and kmemcached module can be compiled:

KAMAILIO_GROUPS += kmemcached

Indeed, you're right, I could use the standard group instead of kstandard. That 
was my first intent but I realised that it didn't give me enough granularity. 
For example, in the standard module, kamailio compiles the mod_list_devel which 
are not necessary as one of the goal of buildroot is to make the most tiny and 
efficient distribution.

But I perfectly understand that you do not want to modify the behavior of the 
kstandard target as it could impact other users. May I suggest to keep 
kstandard as it is and define kpcre and kmini targets like this (I think this 
option is more readable than adding an env variable but this is only my 
personal opinion)?

module_group_kmini=$(mod_list_basic) $(mod_list_extra) \
                                          $(mod_list_db) $(mod_list_dbuid)


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