Thanks, it can be merged, but it needs also a note in the docs about the new 
return code.

More about the return code of the save() -- returning 0 seems to be a bug right 
now, because there is a flag to control if the reply should be sent or not from 
the code -- REG_SAVE_NORPL_FL.

        update_stat(rejected_registrations, 1);
        if (is_route_type(REQUEST_ROUTE) && !is_cflag_set(REG_SAVE_NORPL_FL) )

        return 0;

It should be a negative value and let the config writer to write a log, etc. 
and do exit. The default config file is expecting this in:

     if (!save("location")) {

Probably more different return codes can be used in order to differentiate 
between various error cases.

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