On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 7:00 PM, Yu Boot <y...@yu-boot.ru> wrote:
> Gotcha! I've added fix_nated_contact() to [NATDETECT] route and now all
> messages UNTIL reinvite occurs are with correct NATed IP in "Contact" field.

while fix_nated_contact() may work in your scenario, it is generally a
"bad variant" to use. The set_contact_alias() method is much less
invasive. Depending on the client, it could reject reINVITEs or other
in-call messages (like BYE) because the contact header initially sent
differs from the request URI of the incoming message.

That's why set_contact_alias() only appends the real IP of the client,
and handle_ruri_alias() takes care that the original contact is set

As said, if it works in your environment, everything is fine. Just be
careful if you don't know what devices will be talking to your


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