Can you provide 100% working Kami config with correct NAT traversal and 
REINVITE please?
Отправлено из myMail для Android понедельник, 07 августа 2017г., 13:08 +03:00 
от Sebastian Damm :

>On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 7:00 PM, Yu Boot < > wrote:
>> Gotcha! I've added fix_nated_contact() to [NATDETECT] route and now all
>> messages UNTIL reinvite occurs are with correct NATed IP in "Contact" field.
>while fix_nated_contact() may work in your scenario, it is generally a
>"bad variant" to use. The set_contact_alias() method is much less
>invasive. Depending on the client, it could reject reINVITEs or other
>in-call messages (like BYE) because the contact header initially sent
>differs from the request URI of the incoming message.
>That's why set_contact_alias() only appends the real IP of the client,
>and handle_ruri_alias() takes care that the original contact is set
>As said, if it works in your environment, everything is fine. Just be
>careful if you don't know what devices will be talking to your
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