the details for the first group of speakers at Kamailio World 2018 have
been published:

  - https://www.kamailioworld.com/k06/speakers/

So far they come from three continents: Europe, North America and Asia,
many presenting for the first time at our event.

The two sessions present at all editions so far will be there also in
2018, at our 6th edition, respectively Dangerous Demos with James Body
and VUC Visions with Randy Resnick.

Besides covering various use cases for Kamailio, Asterisk or FreeSwitch,
the sessions go into WebRTC, VoLTE/IMS, IoT, blockchains for
telecommunications or scalability using NoSQL data storage systems.
Definitely another edition with very interesting content – soon we will
publish more details about the sessions as well.

You can register now to benefit of the early registration price:

  - https://www.kamailioworld.com/k06/registration/

Looking forward to meeting many of you at Kamailio World Conference, May
14-16, 2018, in Berlin, Germany!


Daniel-Constantin Mierla
www.twitter.com/miconda -- www.linkedin.com/in/miconda
Kamailio Advanced Training - March 5-7, 2018, Berlin - www.asipto.com
Kamailio World Conference - May 14-16, 2018 - www.kamailioworld.com

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