I'm trying to use t_suspend in my kamailio.cfg from a branch_route.

I'm using kamailio 5.1.1 on debian jessie from

>From the documentation:
i can see that "This function can be used from ANY_ROUTE ."

However, the INVITE is still forwarded for this branch. So obviously the
"outgoing transaction" is not suspended.
May be "t_suspend" is only suspending "incoming transactions"?

I tried to call "drop()". This prevent the INVITE from being sent. But in
such case, i have an answer
is sent immediatly to the caller (SIP/2.0 500 I'm terribly sorry, server
error occurred (6/SL))

I want the script to wait as expected after my "t_suspend". And in the
block indicated by t_continue,
i want to append a new branch.

Any way to do this?

Otherwise, do you advise me to control the list of branch before t_relay? I
guess I can access
the list. Not sure how.. so if you have any tips...


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