2018-02-09 15:41 GMT+01:00 Vasiliy Ganchev <vancece...@gmail.com>:

> > As far as I know, after my app is terminated and TCP connection closed
> > (or broken), there is no impact in the location database? So UDP/TCP/TLS
> > should not make any difference for my setup!
> We use this option (set it 1):
> http://kamailio.org/docs/modules/5.0.x/modules/usrloc#
> usrloc.p.handle_lost_tcp
> so the UDP and TCP/TLS behave differently. By default - yes location will
> store all records until Expires hit.

Good point for me! So i'll keep away from this option. ;)

> > I understand your warning about TCP: If I have only on TCP branch and it
> > fails
> > I guess I will have a fast " I'm terribly sorry, server error occurred
> > (7/SL)" answer
> > and no time for my "pushed" app to be already registered. However, I
> think
> > I can sort this out with a trick (for example, a static branch to keep my
> > stuff
> > alive?)
> ! yes, that is the point, to cope with such case you will need to "reinvent
> the wheel".

If you get some rational implementation - share it.

it's a good trick. If I wish to have a clean control: I "append_branch" to
a UDP localhost.
I could plug an app that will reply 110 Called is Parked and after a some
controlled time
send 408 Timeout.

t_suspend and t_continue seems similar, but I don't see the ability to
configure timeout
for example.

> Just to summarize:
> I am not saying that my way is "true", as I had a lot of headache with push
> data /storage/control/clean-up.
> Another issue was to store push data for several devices per one user.
> and a lot of others...
> Goals that were reached:
> - delete from location non alive registration asap => so when new INVITE
> comes - send push, and do not have mess with nonalive branches.
> - handle correctly case when there is no alive regsitrations (t_suspend)
>  --- sub case here: there is only one registration, it is with push.
> t_relay
> failed, as a result I go to suspend logic as well
> So, long story short: do it your way.

Tks for sharing.

> cheers
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