Yes it should, but only if “rewrite_contact” is set to “no” for the endpoint 

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Date: Tuesday, 12. June 2018 at 16:27
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Subject: [SR-Users] Question on Contact Header on Kamailio 200 OK to PBX

Hi All,

Kamailio is sending a 200 OK back to an INVITE from Asterisk, and Asterisk is 
sending the ACK back but the AOR can’t be found in Kamailio

200 OK Kamailio to Asterisk with a contact of

Asterisk ACK to Kamailio
Request-Line: ACK 

Shouldn’t Asterisk be using fgectrdv@9ot28m83bkur in the ACK? Or did Kamailio 
send Incorrect Contact?
Note: fgectrdv@9ot28m83bkur is the what Kamailio shows as AOR.

Thank you,
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