I have two Kamailio's working on a HA scenario. Both Kamailio's have DB
replication and each machine has one HA IP. In order to set this up, i have
every GW on the DB duplicated, one with Socket IPA and another with socket

I have both GWs in a active state configurated in the replicated DB. They
also both have the same URI and the same group id

Example :
GW1 : Socket = IPA ; GroupID = 1 ; Uri = sip:
GW2 : Socket = IPB ; GroupID = 1 ; Uri = sip:

In order to avoid errors, i want to disable on runtime the GWs that have a
socket that doesn't belong, at the moment, to that machine (GW with Socket
IPB on machine with IPA). To do that i would use the dispatcher.set_state,
however it works with group id and address, which in this case it is the

Is there other method to disable the GWs on runtime using other arguments
like duid or socket ?

I thought about using probing for this, since it will disable automatically
the GWs with non-existent socket, but not all my clients support probing,
so it isn't feasible.

Thanks in advance
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