> Why not just calling dispatcher.set_state directly to the kamailio? That
would only set the state in memory. Unless you do a reload.

Set_state works with gw uri and group as argument. In this scenario both
gws have the same uri and group and i only want to disable the one that has
a socket that doesn't exist in the machine

A quarta, 28/08/2019, 11:32, Duarte Rocha <duarteroch...@gmail.com>

> Greetings,
> I have two Kamailio's working on a HA scenario. Both Kamailio's have DB
> replication and each machine has one HA IP. In order to set this up, i have
> every GW on the DB duplicated, one with Socket IPA and another with socket
> IPB.
> I have both GWs in a active state configurated in the replicated DB. They
> also both have the same URI and the same group id
> Example :
> GW1 : Socket = IPA ; GroupID = 1 ; Uri = sip:
> GW2 : Socket = IPB ; GroupID = 1 ; Uri = sip:
> In order to avoid errors, i want to disable on runtime the GWs that have a
> socket that doesn't belong, at the moment, to that machine (GW with Socket
> IPB on machine with IPA). To do that i would use the dispatcher.set_state,
> however it works with group id and address, which in this case it is the
> same.
> Is there other method to disable the GWs on runtime using other arguments
> like duid or socket ?
> I thought about using probing for this, since it will disable
> automatically the GWs with non-existent socket, but not all my clients
> support probing, so it isn't feasible.
> Thanks in advance
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