Hi Alex,

sounds strange indeed. 4.3.5 is from March 2016, a lot happened since then..

One idea to investigate further - have you tried already to get more 
debugging information from dialog? With debugger module you could 
restrict it to dialog, if this is a loaded production instance.

Another idea - are you using functionality like timeout_avp or sst 
module to update/modify the dialog timeout?



Am 27.08.19 um 22:31 schrieb Alex Balashov:
> Hi,
> I am running 4.3.5:1b0c0a, which I am aware is an EOL'd release train,
> and have a problem with the dialog module I am baffled by.
> On many calls - I can't find any correlation to particular kinds of
> endpoints - I see spoofed BYEs come out of Kamailio after a minute and a
> half, as if the call had hit a dialog timeout or the dialog module's
> dead peer detection (OPTIONS pinging) kicked it out.
> The thing is, neither of those explanations seem to be borne out by the
> parameters of the calls under investigation. The dialog timeout on these
> calls is set to 7200, and the dialog keepalives aren't enabled in either
> direction. If they were, it'd be logged.
> Calls that are terminated in this manner also see the following log
> message:
>    WARNING: dialog [dlg_req_within.c:214]: bye_reply_cb(): inconsitent
>    dlg timer data on dlg 0x7f9997317e48 [3390:9644] with clid
>    '1996679936_133218050@x.x.x.x' and tags '2bb17663-co4006-INS001' 
> 'as7925780d'
> But I don't think this is unusual for a dialog-spoofed BYE; presumably
> this is due to a 200 OK for the BYE from both ends.
> So anyway, I am trying to track down anything else that could
> inadvertently cause dialog to hang up calls relatively quickly in that
> release, or inadvertently set the dialog timeout parameter to something
> lower than is apparent from the logging and the config.
> If anyone has any pointers, that would not go unappreciated!
> Many thanks,
> -- Alex
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