Hello Alex,

just looked briefly into the code. There is only one place in the dialog module 
that ends a dialog with "dlg_bye_all" - and this happens in the dlg_ontimeout 
routine, if there is the proper flag set for the particular dialog.

Do you have the send_bye parameter set to 1 or use the $dlg_ctx(timeout_bye) 
PV? Is there any configured timeout that relates to the ~150s that you see in 
the module? It is always ~150s or does it change from call to call?

About the other topic - the matching mode: if there is an existing, but broken 
RR DID parameter, the code will stop processing and not try again the other 
match mode.

This is correct according the docs "1 - DID_FALLBACK - the match is first tried 
based on DID and if not present, it will fall back to SIP matching;", but could 
be changed to be more resilient, I agree.



Am 01.09.19 um 04:53 schrieb Alex Balashov:

Hi Henning,

I am in fact using timeout_avp, but it's set to 2 hours (7200 sec).

However, to follow up on this, I have made the discovery that the caller
adulterates my RR cookie parameter value to something other than the
value my Kamailio instance injected. It's truncated.

This leads parse_dlg_rr_param() to complain about a malformed RR

At some point, a reinvite from the caller occurs, and the Route header
in both the reinvite and the subsequent e2e ACK to the 200 OK contain an
improper RR cookie. 154 seconds after the ACK, Kamailio spoofs the BYE
in both directions.

Nevertheless, I am moved to ask: why is Kamailio so actively
interventionist in this situation? I have dlg_match_mode modparam set to
1 (cookie with fallback to SIP fundamentals), so presumably Kamailio is
able to follow the mutation to the dialog state based on these in-dialog
requests, otherwise it would not see a need to end the call after a lot
shorter a period than the 7200 sec to which the timeout_avp is set. But
if it follows the change based on a fallback to SIP identifiers, why
would it care that the cookie is broken, and why does this put the
dialog in a state where the dialog module seems to apply some sort of
timeout to it that leads to a spoofed BYE?

-- Alex

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 08:08:06AM +0000, Henning Westerholt wrote:

Hi Alex,

sounds strange indeed. 4.3.5 is from March 2016, a lot happened since then..

One idea to investigate further - have you tried already to get more
debugging information from dialog? With debugger module you could
restrict it to dialog, if this is a loaded production instance.

Another idea - are you using functionality like timeout_avp or sst
module to update/modify the dialog timeout?



Am 27.08.19 um 22:31 schrieb Alex Balashov:


I am running 4.3.5:1b0c0a, which I am aware is an EOL'd release train,
and have a problem with the dialog module I am baffled by.

On many calls - I can't find any correlation to particular kinds of
endpoints - I see spoofed BYEs come out of Kamailio after a minute and a
half, as if the call had hit a dialog timeout or the dialog module's
dead peer detection (OPTIONS pinging) kicked it out.

The thing is, neither of those explanations seem to be borne out by the
parameters of the calls under investigation. The dialog timeout on these
calls is set to 7200, and the dialog keepalives aren't enabled in either
direction. If they were, it'd be logged.

Calls that are terminated in this manner also see the following log

   WARNING: dialog [dlg_req_within.c:214]: bye_reply_cb(): inconsitent
   dlg timer data on dlg 0x7f9997317e48 [3390:9644] with clid
   '1996679936_133218050@x.x.x.x<mailto:1996679936_133218050@x.x.x.x>' and tags 
'2bb17663-co4006-INS001' 'as7925780d'

But I don't think this is unusual for a dialog-spoofed BYE; presumably
this is due to a 200 OK for the BYE from both ends.

So anyway, I am trying to track down anything else that could
inadvertently cause dialog to hang up calls relatively quickly in that
release, or inadvertently set the dialog timeout parameter to something
lower than is apparent from the logging and the config.

If anyone has any pointers, that would not go unappreciated!

Many thanks,

-- Alex

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