Hello List,
i use the uac modul with remote users in SQL db. 
I have 2 users in this database. Kamailio is installed in private network ( The first user in UAC tabel is a remote user on sip server in the same network. For that I have set up the UAS with modparam("uac", "reg_contact_addr", "192.168.100.xx:5060") and this works fine. The second user is a remote user on public network. Kamailio can be reached over Dyndns Name and NAT Router will forwared SIP on 5080 and RTP to RTPENGINE. Registration works, but the public SIP Server get a wrong CONTACT Header. If I change the modparam("uac", "reg_contact_addr", "mySipServer:5080") the external user works fine, but the internal is not working. 
Can I change the Contact Header before Kamailio send out the Register? or can I set diffrent modparam("uac", "reg_contact_addr",....) 
Kind regards Hans-Jürgen
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