Previously, in my kamailio.cfg 3.3.1, the debug level is set using the 'debug' 
Then with the MI_FIFO module it was simple to change debug level on the flight 
using the simple command 'kamctl fifo debug <new value>'.

Moving to kamailio 5.0.x, there is no more MI_FIFO module. In the kamailio.cfg, 
I still have the 'debug' option set; so I'm looking for the command to use to 
change the debug level.

I look at the debugger module that seems the solution. So I add the following 
lines in y script:


loadmodule "debugger.so"

modparam("debugger", "log_level", 1)
modparam("debugger", "mod_hash_size", 5)
modparam("debugger", "mod_level_mode", 1)

Then I try to use the following commands :

This one retrieves the debug level set by the debug=4) :
[root@vm-vse02-siprouter1 kamailio]# kamcmd dbg.get_mod_level core

This one changed the debug level for the core module
[root@vm-vse02-siprouter1 kamailio]# kamcmd dbg.set_mod_level core 2
200 ok

Same commands can be used for each of the module loaded:

[root@vm-vse02-siprouter1 kamailio]# kamcmd dbg.get_mod_level tm
[root@vm-vse02-siprouter1 kamailio]# kamcmd dbg.set_mod_level tm 2
200 ok

[root@vm-vse02-siprouter1 kamailio]# kamcmd dbg.get_mod_level dispatcher
[root@vm-vse02-siprouter1 kamailio]# kamcmd dbg.set_mod_level dispatcher 2
200 ok

Each command only applies to a specific module.

I don't find a 'global' command that I could use in the same manner as the old 
'kamctl fifo debug' command.

Is there something I missed in my config ?


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