I realize there's a note in the install instructions stating that an ANSI C
compiler is required and Gnu make is recommended, but considering that I
currently don't have Gcc or Gnu Make installed on any of my HP boxes I
wanted to ask first in the hopes that someone who has already done it can
tell me if it the standard HP compiler and make will work...

The HP version is 11.0 and the compiler cc is a symlink to /opt/ansic/cc,
but the make is a symlink to /usr/ccs/bin/make.  Will those normally work,
or do I need to install gcc and/or gmake?

Assuming that I need to install GCC and gmake on the compile system, will I
then also have to install additional libraries and/or gcc itself on the
other systems in order to get the resulting sshd binaries to work?

I'm not subscribed to this list (yet), so I'd appreciate any replies copied
to me directly.  Thanks in advance for any help.


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