Isaac Bentley wrote:
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> I admin several servers for people and something came to my attention
> that seemed important to the way I advise my clients/users on the
> proper way of connecting to a sshd:
> I have in the past, told people to always use "ssh -C -c <ciphername>
> - -l <username> <hostname>" when connecting, but somebody pointed out
> that is not really needed, because all ssh servers encrypt on all

There is a way to not encrypt when using SSH ? I know about
being able to fall back to a non encrypted connection
using rsh..never heard of a way to get ssh itself to
not encrypt connections.

anyways, this is how i ssh to hosts, and when people ask
i tell them i like it better then just ssh <host>

ssh -l <username> -v -C <hostname>

i don't specify a cipher, although some clients(esp
win32) the cipher does need to be manually set to
interact with some SSH servers, never had that problem
on OpenSSH/ssh. I mostly do the above out of reaction
more then anything else..been using that string for years
hard to break old habbits and im used to seeing the
debugging info as well.


Nate Amsden
System Administrator

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