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> Subject: Re: a question about proper use of ssh
> Umm. I think you mis-understood me abit. I'm not asking how should I
> config -my- sshd, but what is the general usage of the client ssh. And
> this would include using ssh on a public terminal (for example, at
> Linux World Expo, at the "Email garden" or some linux internet cafe'
> or a friend's house). A dot file is not something that can used in
> that critria (sp?). In other words, what can I -try- to instill (sp?)
> in my users/cleints on the proper usage of ssh. they can do whatever
> they want, but I want to be able to give them a good head-start.

There is no really safe way to use a public terminal with SSH unless you
can verify the integrity of its hardware and its software, right from
the keycaps to the network interface.

SSH implicitly requires that the server administrator trust the client
host hardware, software, *and* user.

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