On 09/16/2016 12:09 PM, Jakub Hrozek wrote:
fedorahosted.org is being decomissioned:
so we need to find a new home for SSSD..

I wanted to ask:
    1) anyone from the core development team who is interested in
       finding a new home to raise a hand, we need someone to "own" this
    2) anyone from outside or inside the team who has an opinion to
       voice it :) so far we haven't even thought about the requirements
       in too much detail, though..

Alright, here comes my opinion :)

GitHub seems to me the path of least resistance, as we already
have hooks and started doing the pull requests. Especially considering the
recent addition of a review process.

However, the issue tracker seems to be a point of contention. I know little of
requirements here, but personally would be OK with GitHub tracker, and think
tighter integration and better visibility could win over deficiencies.

I don't think Pagure is going to be a smooth ride at this point.

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