URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/448
Title: #448: common: Correction of cache_req debug string ID format

fidencio commented:
@amitkumar50, you made the changes addressing only half of @lslebodn's comments.

@lslebodn said:
"This one is for UID. So it should be SPRIuid ..."

Okay, it's fixed by your current patches ...

"But typ of data->id is uint32_t and not gid_t/uid_t/id_t.
So please check man inttypes.h for right format string for uint32_t"

This is not fixed. Although it seems nitpicking to me as gid_t, uid_t and id_t 
as all of those ended up being defined as u32 type anyways ... all of those 
should use PRIu32 in order to address @lslebodn's comment.

So, please, re-update the patches addressing @lslebodn's comments. (Adding back 
the "Changes Requested" label).

See the full comment at 
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