URL: https://github.com/SSSD/sssd/pull/508
Title: #508: Fix/suppress few gcc8 warnings

fidencio commented:
So, just a bunch of nitpicks, but the patches are good.

Please, fix the nitpicks, re-update the patches and let's have them merged.

- **AD: Suppress warning Wincompatible-pointer-types with sasl callbacks**: 
Hovever -> However
- **CRYPTO: Suppress warning Wstringop-truncation**: Please, align the text in 
the commit message
- **pysss: Suppress warning Wincompatible-pointer-types**: struct have -> 
struct has
- **pysss: Drop unused parameter**: struct have -> struct has
- **CLIENT: Fix warning Wstringop-overflow**: alocate -> allocate
- **INOTIFY: Fix warning Wstringop-truncation**: ack!
- **CLIENT: Fix warning Wstringop-overflow**: ack!

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