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* Georg Lukas <> [2015-05-05 16:35]:
> 4. Carbons of MUC private messages. If user@host/A has joined to a MUC
> and receives a private message from muc@domain/participant, that message
> is carbon-copied to the other resource user@host/B (not joined to the
> MUC). Now /B has no way to know that it is a PM from a MUC, and not a
> regular message from a user muc@domain, using resource /participant, and
> is utterly confused.
> One possible workaround would be to mark all MUC PMs, like it is done by
> prosody:

Both prosody and ejabberd MUC implementations now mark PMs with an
<x> element, and the respective
carbon implementations filter away duplicates, which is good.

Unfortunately, this logic also affects MUC invitations, as these also
have the same <x> element. However, invitations should be delivered to
all clients. Therefore, if you are implementing an XMPP server with
carbons support, please fix your MUC PM suppression logic.


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