Resurrecting the self-ping thread in light of the current Council agenda

* Georg Lukas <> [2017-10-04 10:21]:
> 2. Create a new, explicit am-I-joined IQ that a client can send to the
>    MUC JID.

This seems to be the winner of the discussion from last October, even
though it was qualified as a "sticking plaster".

To keep with the "sticking plaster" qualification, I propose to
implement it as an XEP-0199 ping to the participant's own full-JID:

<iq from='jul...@capulet.lit/balcony' 
to='co...@chat.shakespeare.lit/thirdwitch' id='c2s1' type='get'>
  <ping xmlns='urn:xmpp:ping'/>
(assuming here that Juliet is [impersonating] the third witch in the MUC)

The MUC would then intercept the <ping/> and respond directly, instead
of routing the IQ to a random resource of Juliet's. If Juliet is joined
as 'thirdwitch', the MUC will directly respond with a result IQ. If
Juliet is not joined, the MUC will respond with <not-acceptable/>.

This has multiple benefits:

- it is easy to implement

- it stays true to the intent of "self-pinging"

- it is compatible with clients already implementing the self-ping dance

- clients don't need two different code paths depending on a
  'self-ping-supported' feature

- Georg doesn't need to change any code

Discussion please!


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