On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 10:52 AM, JC Brand <li...@opkode.com> wrote:
You're arguing against a point nobody made.

Nobody advocated using BOSH to bypass restrictions in XEP-0198.
The issue Georg mentioned isn't due to anything in XEP-0198.

The issue is with the SASL anonymous login mechanism not allowing you to reconnect with the same JID, which happens **before** trying to resume a
XEP-0198 session.

The issue is *exactly* due to limitation in XEP-0198 that you're trying to bypass with BOSH: since XEP-0198 doesn't allow you to resume a session without re-authentication (and with SASL ANONYMOUS you cannot re-authenticate with the same JID), you resort to use BOSH to bypass this restriction, since it's *implicitly* using session identifiers as authentication tokens.

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